From Colman’s to Batman: why Yellow is used in branding

The future of Colman’s Mustard is in the news this week, and their yellow branding is back in the spotlight. The Norwich-based company introduced the familiar red and yellow livery in 1866, but Colman’s is just one of the many famous businesses to use yellow to promote their brand. So what makes yellow such an enduring colour?

Yellow branding catches the eye

Yellow, red and last month’s featured colour orange are the three most prominent colours on the spectrum. While red is the more obvious choice to grab attention in advertising, yellow is actually the most visible colour to the human eye. Because of this, yellow branding can be found in countless company logos – the restaurant chain McDonald’s, for instance. As our eyes are naturally drawn to both yellow and red, the famous “golden arches” stand out on road signs to tempt us in. Other examples of this colour mix include Burger King, Lego, and Shell. However, yellow goes well with much more than just red, because:

Yellow is a versatile colour

As a primary colour, and a crucial component of the printing colour model CMYK, yellow matches with just about everything else. Take a look around Norwich and you’ll see several local examples.  The branding for Aviva, headquartered in Norwich, is yellow and blue, and Norwich City FC wears yellow and green football kits. Norwich University of the Arts, like Peels4U, has black/grey and yellow branding, and we’re not alone. Other companies with this combination include entertainment database IMDb, camera firm Nikon, and online directory Yell. So why is yellow the colour of choice for such a wide variety of businesses?

Peels4U Thetford Norfolk Batman Logo Black Yellow Branding

Even Batman chose yellow…

Yellow branding is uplifting

I’m typing this article in a yellow room. Why? Because in colour psychology, the positive effects of yellow branding include encouraging communication and confidence, and boosting optimism, energy and happiness.

Are you ready to take on this bold, popular colour for your business brand? Our bespoke Design Consulations will help you harness the eye-catching benefits of yellow branding, so you #GetNoticed.

There’s a petition to keep Colman’s Mustard in Norwich, which you can sign here

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