How to create the best Business Cards

One of the most enduring marketing tools is the humble Business Card. Small, but perfectly formed – it’s an inexpensive way to start networking for you and your business. And although we live in the digital age where websites, emails and social media pages are key, Business Cards remain a professional, instant solution to promote your brand. They also give a personal touch that showcases your company and its services – “let me give you one of my cards” sounds so much friendlier than “add me on LinkedIn” or “write down my email address”.  But before you dive in and Request a Quote for a batch, take a look at our top 5 tips for creating the best business cards so you #GetNoticed:

5. Less is more

The most effective business cards are neat, clean and grab the attention. While fancy gimmicks such as unusual shapes, embossing and wild colour schemes may help you stand out, the quality of information and design presented will be more important in the long run. Your name, logo and main contact detail should take centre stage.

4. Keep descriptions short and sweet

Business cards are a call to action once the networking event or conversation is over, so keep descriptions short and succinct. For instance, choose a slogan or sentence that encapsulates the nature of your business and services, like an elevator pitch in miniature. Your contacts need to know what you do at-a-glance, so make sure your description is easy to read and understand.

3. Use double sided cards for extra info

If your business covers a wide range of services or activities, order double sided business cards. Use the front side to showcase your logo or branding, and the back to describe your business in more detail. Formatting is key for digestible information – so use bullet-points and short sentences if you have a lot to of detail to cover. You can also print the reverse to work as an appointment or booking card, or to offer to clients as a receipt.

2. Focus on essential contact details

Nowadays, most businesses via a range of mediums – from social media outlets, to emails, websites and of course, by telephone and mobile. Consider which method you want your customers and clients to use, and consider how your audience interacts. Are they more likely to pick up the phone, or send you a DM on Twitter or Facebook? Don’t overload your business cards with contact info – choose your key contact channels. You can always use logo to symbolise your social media pages to keep your business cards neat and clean.

1. Create an eye-catching design

If you’re designing your own business cards, create an eye-catching colour scheme and a logo that stands out. Pick a standard size so that your card is easily stored in wallets and credit card holders – we recommend 85mm x 55mm. And don’t forget the bleedline – leave a 3mm gap all the way around your design to ensure none of it gets cut off in the printing process.

Everything Excel Best Business Cards Silk Matt Gloss Velvet 450GSM Print Bleed Lines

An example of a bleed line with Everything Excel

Order the best Business Cards 

Ready to create the best Business Cards? Then order our affordable, high quality business cards are great promotional and marketing tools. We supply to a range of small business, medium enterprises and large corporate firms across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and East Anglia. We offer a range of textures, from affordable silk non-laminate business cards, to mid-range and more durable alternatives matt laminate and gloss, to our premium velvet business cards. All of these are printed using 450GSM paper as a minimum, to offer a higher level of quality and thickness no matter the finish.

Business cards are perfect for all sectors and trades, including self-employed and sole traders, retailers, estate agents, solicitors, builders, manufacturers, taxi firms and vehicle services. With turnaround times as quick as three days, and prices starting from as little as £18.20 for 100 single-sided business cards, we are a competitive alternative to Vista Print. What’s more, we’re a local, friendly family business that tailors its service to you.

Check out our Print page for the full list of Peels4U printed advertising services. You think it, we print it. And if you need a logo or branding design, we can help – our Design page has all the details, and our graphic design team are on hand to help you create an eye-catching, professional logo or branding so you #GetNoticed.

Which Came First – the Colour Orange or the Fruit?

As the trees change colour this season, you may wonder which came first – the colour orange or the name of the orange fruit?

The colour has many ties with Autumn. The falling leaves, the Harvest Festival, roaring fires, the bonfire on Guy Fawkes Night, and of course, Halloween. Orange represents nature, danger, warmth… and Pumpkin Spiced Lattes. It’s a complex colour with a colourfully complex history.

The Name of the Fruit Came First

The origin of the word “orange” comes from the Old French term for the ripe fruit: “pomme d’orenge”, or “orange apple.” The word as a colour was named after the fruit,  and first entered the English language in the 16th Century. Until then, “red” was more commonly used to describe what we’d now consider various shades of orange.  Examples include the Red Fox, the Robin Redbreast, Mars (the Red Planet), the Red Squirrel and, of course, Redheads.

After 1688, the colour turned into a political symbol, when the Protestant William of Orange (a principality in the Netherlands) overthrew James II in the Glorious Revolution. Orange became associated with Protestantism in Ireland, and is now a part of their national flag. As the shade of saffron, one of the most expensive spices in history, orange also appears on India’s flag.

The colour orange often has rare and exotic connotations. Saffron is still the costliest jar on the supermarket spice rack. The native Red Squirrel is now under threat in England from the foreign Grey. And redheads, often unfairly mocked for their unusual appearance, were once lauded by Pre-Raphaelite artists such as Rossetti.

The Colour Orange: Which Came First - the Colour or the Fruit?

Veronica Veronese by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

The Colour Orange in Branding

Orange is a stand out colour in branding, and is a warmer, subtler alternative to its bolder sibling Red. In colour psychology, the positive meanings of orange include creativity, enthusiasm, and optimism – remember the slogan “the future’s bright, the future’s Orange”?

Often used for autumn events, promotions and sales, the colour also features in national and international branding. Take, for instance, the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s, car parts specialist Halfords, or online retailer Amazon. In local branding, the Writers’ Centre Norwich and EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices) are notable examples. And the logo for Norfolk based charity Break uses orange with the opposite colour blue, for a popular contrast also seen in the logos of corporate firms Fanta and Aldi. Peels4U recently used orange in embroidered Workwear:

Embroidered Logo Polo Shirt Suffolk Risby Workwear

Peels4U embroidered Polo Shirts for Suffolk based Coopers Cabin

Incorporate orange into your branding for a vibrant way to #GetNoticed. Our Design Consultations use Pantone colours to design an ideal logo or branding for your business to stand out. For special autumn events, promotions or sales, Peels4U offer high quality Posters, Banners, Window Graphics, LeafletsTemporary Signs and more to keep your business in season. Contact Us now or Request a Quote for more information.

Introducing our New Business Starter Packs

New academic year, new season… and now introducing Peels4U’s new business starter packs to help your startup #GetNoticed. With 6 packs to choose from, there’s something to suit every business, from manufacturing, trade and industry to retail, catering, events and more.

And at just £99 per pack (excl. delivery), they’re a competitive and affordable branding solution for your new business. You’ll save 50% compared to ordering items separately, and there are no setup fees. We will vectorise or digitise your logo and branding at no extra cost, and keep the designs on file for future orders.

Invest in branding now to give your new business a professional appearance and attract new customers from the get go. Whether you need workwear, printed items, signage or vehicle graphics, take a look below to find the right starter pack for you:

New Business Starter Packs 

New Business Starter Pack 1 Business Cards Polo Shirts Vehicle Lettering

New Business Starter Pack 2 Business Cards Leaflets Roller Banner

New Business Starter Pack 3 Leaflets A-Board Polo Shirts

  • Promote your new business with 500 eye-catching A5 leaflets
  • Attract customers inside with an A-board pavement sign
  • Help customers identify you with 2 printed or embroidered Polo shirts (front only)

New Business Starter Pack 4 Banner A-Board Polo Shirts

  • Get noticed from a distance with a durable outdoor vinyl banner
  • Attract customers inside with an A-board pavement sign
  • Boost your brand recognition with 3 printed or embroidered Polo shirts (front only)

New Business Starter Pack 5 Business Cards Polo Shirts Windscreen Lettering

New Business Starter Pack 6 Foamex Sign A-Board Polo Shirts

  • Showcase your new business with a Foamex sign for internal and external signage
  • Attract customers inside with an A-board pavement sign
  • Help customers identify you with 2 printed or embroidered Polo shirts (front only)

Order New Business Starter Packs

Visit the Contact Us page now to make an order, and let us know which of the 6 new business starter packs you’ve chosen. It’ll be ready within 1 week, so you can get promoting in next to no time. Can’t find the right pack for you? Request a Quote for a customised and bespoke starter pack to suit your business needs.

Don’t have a logo or branding yet? Peels4U offer affordable, friendly Design Consultations from just £25 per hour. Our graphic designers will advise you step by step on creating the best fonts, colours, layouts and imagery to showcase your new business. We’ll even help you pick the right starter pack for you.

Peels4U On Tour: Our First Stall

What better way for your business to #GetNoticed in the community than to promote your business at a local event? We’ve been planning to go out on tour for a long time, and Peels4U’s first stall popped up at the ’17 All Out Music Festival on the 8th July.

We already had printed banners and stickers in the bag, so all we needed was a marquee in a company colour. Yellow tends to be a bug magnet, so we chose black. Yet black marquees are tricky to find, as apparently there isn’t much of a  gothic wedding market. Eventually we found one at Pop-up Gazebos, and headed down to the Thetford Town Cricket Club ground on Mundford Road for an afternoon of games, music and entertainment

Visitors to our stall enjoyed games of Beer Pong for a chance to win a Peels4U printed t-shirt. A special mention goes to the Tesco Community Champions stall – their excellent throwing skills saw them win 6 t-shirts. You’ll have noticed a sweet jar on our table. We also ran a “guess-the-amount-of-sweets” competition, as not everyone can aim as well as the Tesco team.

We already have fond memories of that warm, dry day, as rain currently beats down on the roof. A classic British summer indeed… Acts such as Mick & Doski and others played on into the night, and we packed up around ten o’clock. Roll on ’18 All Out!

Planning your first stall?

If your business has a public event lined up and you need some eye catching signage to help you #GetNoticed, look no further. Get in touch and we’ll create the best banner, sticker, leaflet or poster to showcase your business. And if you’re hosting an event and would like us to come along – let us know. We’ll be out and about again very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for Peels4U.

The New Peels4U Website Has Arrived – Find Out More

We’re delighted to bring you the new Peels4U website. After a few months of designing, writing and tweaking, we’re sure you’ll like our fresh new look as much as we do.

What’s new? We’ve updated our branding to eye-catching yellow and black. We’ve improved the layout to make it easier for you to navigate your way around our site. We’ve refreshed our 5 core pages: Signage, Graphics, Print, Workwear and Design, to show you the huge range of services we offer here at our Thetford workshop. We cover everything from banners to lettering, stationery to uniforms, and provide bespoke design consultations.

What else is on the new Peels4U website? We’ve added snazzy graphics to smarten up the look of all our pages. We’ve created a Gallery to display our latest creations – such as printed t-shirts, window graphics and vinyl vehicle wraps.

There’s also a new Request a Quote feature. Tell us about the project you’ve got in mind and we’ll get back to you with a free quote. We work with a range of clients across East Anglia (Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire) and beyond, and no job is too big or too small.

Some things haven’t changed

We’re still a family-run business. We still have over 15 years’ experience in the graphic design and printing industry. And of course we still offer quick turnaround times and competitive prices. Want to know more? Check out our About Us page.

We’d love to hear your feedback about the new site. Tweet us, Facebook message us, or even send us a postcard if you’re in a vintage kind of mood. Certain sections are still a work in progress, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

In the meantime, take a look around to find out more about how we will help you and your business, club or community group #GetNoticed