What are the Benefits of PVC Banners?

This week, Peels4U have a special Half Price Banners offer. But before you buy, you may be wondering – what are the advantages of banners, and how will they boost your business? We’ve jotted down the top 5 benefits of PVC banners, to help you decide if they’re the right signage solution for you.

5 – PVC Banners are noticeable

Placing colourful, eye-catching banners in key locations will direct customers to your premises, and promote your business.  Because our workshop is at the back of a large industrial estate, banners are essential for us to #GetNoticed – so we have one on every corner to help our clients find us.

4 – PVC Banners are adaptable

Unlike static signs, banners are lightweight and a great option for temporary signage that’s suitable for every business. Our banners are ideal for public events, advertising outside your shop or office, or for promoting in the local area. For instace, we have a banner on top of our car on a busy main road in Thetford, to grab the attention of the hundreds of people who drive past each day.

Peels4U PVC Banners Car Vehicle Advert Mundford Road Thetford Norfolk

3 – PVC Banners are durable

As they say on Game of Thrones – winter is coming. Our banners survive colder seasons because they are strong and flexible, with the ability to move with the wind. They’re also weather resistant, as PVC is a plastic coating that protects the material beneath, giving banners a sleek, smart finish that won’t be ruined by rain or snow.

2 – PVC Banners are immediate

Banners create an instant impact on customers, as they can be made at short notice to promote a new service, feature a seasonal event or jump on the latest trend. We produce banners in as little as 24 hours, for up-to-the-minute advertising that keeps your business fresh and exciting.

– PVC Banners are affordable

For any business, cost effective advertising is important. That’s why our standard banners (1.2m x 0.3m) start from just £7, giving you an affordable way to improve brand identity, and reach a wider audience. What’s more, our PVC Banners are now half price until Sunday 1st October 2017.

How to order your PVC Banner

A wide variety of companies use our PVC banners. To get yours, click on our Request a Quote page to help your business #GetNoticed. And if you’re looking for other outdoor advertising solutions, check out our Signage page for our full range of sign writing services.


Peels4U On Tour: Our First Stall

What better way for your business to #GetNoticed in the community than to promote your business at a local event? We’ve been planning to go out on tour for a long time, and Peels4U’s first stall popped up at the ’17 All Out Music Festival on the 8th July.

We already had printed banners and stickers in the bag, so all we needed was a marquee in a company colour. Yellow tends to be a bug magnet, so we chose black. Yet black marquees are tricky to find, as apparently there isn’t much of a  gothic wedding market. Eventually we found one at Pop-up Gazebos, and headed down to the Thetford Town Cricket Club ground on Mundford Road for an afternoon of games, music and entertainment

Visitors to our stall enjoyed games of Beer Pong for a chance to win a Peels4U printed t-shirt. A special mention goes to the Tesco Community Champions stall – their excellent throwing skills saw them win 6 t-shirts. You’ll have noticed a sweet jar on our table. We also ran a “guess-the-amount-of-sweets” competition, as not everyone can aim as well as the Tesco team.

We already have fond memories of that warm, dry day, as rain currently beats down on the roof. A classic British summer indeed… Acts such as Mick & Doski and others played on into the night, and we packed up around ten o’clock. Roll on ’18 All Out!

Planning your first stall?

If your business has a public event lined up and you need some eye catching signage to help you #GetNoticed, look no further. Get in touch and we’ll create the best banner, sticker, leaflet or poster to showcase your business. And if you’re hosting an event and would like us to come along – let us know. We’ll be out and about again very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for Peels4U.