Staff Uniforms

We print orders of all sizes, producing quick, high-quality results to ensure you and your team have an identifiable, professional company presence. Whether you need aprons, tabards, hats or tees, we can provide uniforms to any type of business.


Ideal for all weathers and locations, our printed hi-vis jackets keep your company members safe when working in potentially dangerous environments.


We cater to all types of organisations, from sports clubs to special interest groups, to help your members feel part of the team.

Events & Promotional

We can print to any design or style, providing customisable clothing to give your event or promotion a smart, eye-catching look.

School Uniforms

Our Schoolwear is made using high quality embroidered Polo Shirts for durable, long lasting School Uniforms. We provide uniforms of all colours to primary and secondary schools alike, to keep pupils identifiable in standard school logos.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Our Embroidered Polo Shirts offer comfort, quality and durability. Using the latest technology, we embroider Polos with any design, colour, or size, to highlight your business with your company logo and branding.

Printed T-Shirts

Our Printed T-Shirts offer a casual branded Workwear alternative to Embroidered Polos, and are available in any size. We vinyl print our tees to create a high quality, durable finish, and Printed T-Shirts can be customised and custom printed in all designs and colours.