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How to create the best Business Cards

One of the most enduring marketing tools is the humble Business Card. Small, but perfectly formed – it’s an inexpensive way to start networking for you and your business. And although we live in the digital age where websites, emails and social media pages are key, Business Cards remain a professional, instant solution to promote your brand. They also give a personal touch that showcases your company and its services – “let me give you one of my cards” sounds so much friendlier than “add me on LinkedIn” or “write down my email address”.  But before you dive in and Request a Quote for a batch, take a look at our top 5 tips for creating the best business cards so you #GetNoticed:

5. Less is more

The most effective business cards are neat, clean and grab the attention. While fancy gimmicks such as unusual shapes, embossing and wild colour schemes may help you stand out, the quality of information and design presented will be more important in the long run. Your name, logo and main contact detail should take centre stage.

4. Keep descriptions short and sweet

Business cards are a call to action once the networking event or conversation is over, so keep descriptions short and succinct. For instance, choose a slogan or sentence that encapsulates the nature of your business and services, like an elevator pitch in miniature. Your contacts need to know what you do at-a-glance, so make sure your description is easy to read and understand.

3. Use double sided cards for extra info

If your business covers a wide range of services or activities, order double sided business cards. Use the front side to showcase your logo or branding, and the back to describe your business in more detail. Formatting is key for digestible information – so use bullet-points and short sentences if you have a lot to of detail to cover. You can also print the reverse to work as an appointment or booking card, or to offer to clients as a receipt.

2. Focus on essential contact details

Nowadays, most businesses via a range of mediums – from social media outlets, to emails, websites and of course, by telephone and mobile. Consider which method you want your customers and clients to use, and consider how your audience interacts. Are they more likely to pick up the phone, or send you a DM on Twitter or Facebook? Don’t overload your business cards with contact info – choose your key contact channels. You can always use logo to symbolise your social media pages to keep your business cards neat and clean.

1. Create an eye-catching design

If you’re designing your own business cards, create an eye-catching colour scheme and a logo that stands out. Pick a standard size so that your card is easily stored in wallets and credit card holders – we recommend 85mm x 55mm. And don’t forget the bleedline – leave a 3mm gap all the way around your design to ensure none of it gets cut off in the printing process.

Everything Excel Best Business Cards Silk Matt Gloss Velvet 450GSM Print Bleed Lines

An example of a bleed line with Everything Excel

Order the best Business Cards 

Ready to create the best Business Cards? Then order our affordable, high quality business cards are great promotional and marketing tools. We supply to a range of small business, medium enterprises and large corporate firms across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and East Anglia. We offer a range of textures, from affordable silk non-laminate business cards, to mid-range and more durable alternatives matt laminate and gloss, to our premium velvet business cards. All of these are printed using 450GSM paper as a minimum, to offer a higher level of quality and thickness no matter the finish.

Business cards are perfect for all sectors and trades, including self-employed and sole traders, retailers, estate agents, solicitors, builders, manufacturers, taxi firms and vehicle services. With turnaround times as quick as three days, and prices starting from as little as £18.20 for 100 single-sided business cards, we are a competitive alternative to Vista Print. What’s more, we’re a local, friendly family business that tailors its service to you.

Check out our Print page for the full list of Peels4U printed advertising services. You think it, we print it. And if you need a logo or branding design, we can help – our Design page has all the details, and our graphic design team are on hand to help you create an eye-catching, professional logo or branding so you #GetNoticed.

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