Our First Blog Post

Hi! Thank you for joining us here at Peels4U.

The first questions on your minds are going to be: ‘Who on Earth are Peels4U and why do I care about their blog’?

A little bit about us:

Peels4U is a family run business, which was established in 2012 in Norfolk. We started from our own homes and slowly have evolved to the stage where we are now working from a unit in Thetford.

Before opening the business we spent 10 years working in the printing industry for a market leader in packaging supplies and studied arts respectively. This was the foundation for our passion for design, decoration and all things adhesive. We felt that there was a lot missing from the industry and decided to launch Peels4U.

Our goal is to provide inexpensive alternatives to interior design and decoration because we know that not every one has (nor wants to spend for that matter) the funding to redecorate their homes / cars / workplaces etc.

With our background in design added to being the super creative family that we are, we design our own products and we are capable of producing bespoke designs to suit your needs too! This does not just apply to our products but also applies to our blog! We will be more than happy to blog about topics that you would like more information on so that we can answer your graphic design needs!

It is all well and good us telling you what we do and how much experience we have but what you truly want to know is why you should invest 10 minutes of your day every week just to read a blog. We hope that you will come to rely on our blog as your first point of call when you want or need tips to achieve the décor of your dreams! Our advice is both friendly and free (that’s right! It is often said that there is no such thing as a free lunch but there is such a thing as free advice to point you in the right direction).

This blog is going to cover various topics ranging from simple yet effective ways to redecorate your interior to affordable methods of sprucing up your car to efficient methods of giving your workplace / company a more professional appearance.

We will be posting one or two blog topics a week and we hope that you will join us for each new post.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and we look forward to getting your feedback and interacting with all of you!